When you take powerhouse vocals and combine them with clever songwriting, slick beats and stellar harmonies you get Toronto pop/r&b group – rIVerse.


The combination of Dizz, Khadija, Zak and Monroe is pure magic. Each member has their own story to tell, but the overarching message of the group is one of self-acceptance, being true to who you are and living your life to the fullest. The diversity of the group fuels this mission.


rIVerse is here to give you classic, feel-good records that immediately give you life and a sense of nostalgia the moment you hear them and to show that no matter who you are or where you’re from you can rise above and win!



JANUARY 28th/2018

Landmark Showcase - Revival Nightclub

Toronto, ON


FEB 2nd/2018

ReelOut Film Festival Gala

Kingston, ON


FEB 22nd/2018

Talent Inc - National Conference

Toronto, ON


MARCH 2nd/2018

John Cabot C.S.S

Mississauga, ON


MARCH 29th/2018

Coast 2 Coast Showcase - The Boat Nightclub

Toronto, ON


MAY 8th/2018

Canadian GSA Conference

Toronto, ON


MAY 17th/2018


Toronto, ON

FEB 22/2018